Online marketplace for freelance sevices

Combining remote services, blockchain technology and escrow functionality. This upcoming platform is in development, beta testing Quarter 2 & 3 2019.


XSTC Integration

Gronzo will support Safe Trade Coin as a payment method.
There is a high demand for digital currencies with a true user purpose. Powering the technology of the people is a fundamental right. Unity as a cradle to build from.

Remote Business Opportunities


Comprehensible agreements

We strive for flexible agreements and will be progressive in our approach. We stimulate the balance between freedom and financial certainty.

Multiple Projects

Working remotely and easily on several projects, communicate smoothly and work decisively. Ideal collaborations as a starting point. The modern standard of freelancing

Our platform will fully engage the needs of the customer and freelancer. The ultimate challenge is creating the perfect working environment for all parties involved.